Medical Director and Head of CAA and EASA Aeromedical Centre

Aeromedical Examiner, Maritime and Occupational Physician B.Sc. (Hons.), MBBS (Lond.), Ph.D (Lond.), FRCGP, FRAeS, Ass. FAsMA, RCPath ME, DFFP, DIC, DOccMed, DRCOG, Pg Cert Dent Sed. & Pain MgMt. (EDI)

Samir qualified in medicine from University College London and then obtained a Ph.D from Imperial College London. He has had over 20 years experience in Aviation Medicine and as an Occupational Physician. He holds the Diploma in Occupational Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians (2002) and has completed the Advanced Course in Aviation Medicine at Kings College London (2003). He was also previously enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in Occupational Medicine at the University of Manchester.

Samir is a CAA Authorised Class 1 Medical Examiner (58930774), EASA authorised Class 1 Medical Examiner (MLT/34), CASA authorised Australian Designated AME (I255), Canadian AME (CAME) A-2009, GACA (KSA) authorised Designated AME (12) and Mauritian (DCA) authorised AME. He is also a Medical Assessor for Transport Malta and Chief AME for the Ryan Air Peer Support Program (PSP). Samir is also authorised by Virgin Galactic as an Aviation Medical Examiner to undertake medical examinations for their future astronauts.

Samir is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, an Associate Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association USA (018947), a Member of the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine (IAASM)a Member of the International Airlines Medical Association (IAMA), a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal Society of Medicine (Occupational Medicine Section) and a member of the Society of Occupational Medicine.

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