Consultant Occupational Medicine Physician and Aeromedical Examiner


Ian is a Royal Air Force Wing Commander and medical practitioner. He qualified from the University of Dundee in 1997 and undertook GP training. He has been a CAA Authorized Medical Examiner since 1999. He worked as a Principal in General Practice at a variety of helicopter and fast jet units in the UK and abroad and was appointed to Senior Medical Officer in 2004. He undertook the Diploma in Aviation Medicine training course at Kings College London and the Royal Air Force Centre of Aviation Medicine in 2006; after successful completion, he was appointed as the sole validating flight surgeon to the UK Aeromedical Evacuation Control Centre and was responsible for the air movement of UK Defence patients globally. Recently, he has been the President of the RAF Medical Board and has also been in charge of delivering all aircrew aviation medicine training. He is actively involved in aircrew fatigue research.

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