UK CAA Class 2,3 & EASA Class 2 Medical Certificates

At Heathrow Medical Services, we offer an efficient and comprehensive service for obtaining Initial Medical Certificates for both CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) Class 2. These certificates are essential for private and commercial pilots involved in non-commercial operations. Our team of experienced aviation medical professionals is dedicated to ensuring your health and medical fitness to meet the requirements of these standards.

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Heathrow Medical Services is a CAA and EASA approved Aero-Medical Centre (AeMC) and can perform and issue UK CAA Class 2 and 3 initial medical examinations and Initial EASA Class 2 Medicals for all EU member states.

Initial UK CAA Class 2,3 and EASA Class 2 Medicals

Heathrow Medical
Initial Class 2 Medical
Heathrow Medical
Initial Class 3 Medical
Heathrow Medical
Initial Class 2 Medical

*Prices does not includes VAT, referrals, casework etc (if required).
*Casework including Unfit/Fit certification: With AME / OH Doctor: Starting at £75 exc.VAT / half hour..

Renewal UK CAA Class 2 and EASA Class 2 Medicals

Our dedicated team of certified aviation medical examiners and experienced staff are committed to ensuring that aviation professionals maintain their medical fitness in compliance with industry regulations.

Heathrow Medical
Renewal Class 2 Medical
  • +ECG: £192*
Heathrow Medical
Renewal Class 2 Medical
  • +ECG: £212*

*Prices does not include VAT or referrals, casework etc (if required).

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You MUST register for the CAAs online portal, complete the application online and pay the CAA fee before we can undertake a UK CAA medical at least TEN WORKING DAYS before your chosen appointment date. Full instructions are available here: About eLicensing | UK Civil Aviation Authority (

Please note that if you book the medical without undertaking these steps, we will not be able to perform the medical examination and you will still be charged for the appointment as per our cancellation policy.


Instructions before your exam

  • Please see the attached CAA guidance flow sheet as applicable.
  • Please note that there is limited seating in our reception area so any friends/relatives that accompany you will need to wait in your car or in the other local facilities.
  • Ground floor disabled access is available, however there are unfortunately no disabled WC facilities on site, please let us know if you have a disability for which you may require any adjustments prior to attending your appointment.
  • You may also require other medical tests or to see a specialist consultant advisors at a later date if you have any underlying medical problems or if anything is found at the time of the examination that requires further investigation. A separate £95.14 referral administration charge is payable in this event as well as the consultants fee.


What happens if I arrive late for my exams?

We have a 15-minute late arrival policy, failure to attend the appointment in this time will result in re-booking and full medical charge. Please budget to remain on site for up to 4 hours.

Can I eat or drink before the exams?

You are encouraged to drink water prior to the medical examination as a urine sample is required however, please avoid drinking caffeine before the medical.

Mandatory drug testing has also been introduced by the CAA. Regarding the drug screen and breathalyser tests performed onsite -no food/drink or cigarettes should be consumed for 20 minutes before the test and nothing should remain in your mouth at the time of these tests.

Is my medical history required?

When you attend, please also provide your current eye prescription if you wear glasses or contact lenses, and bring your corrective lenses with you. You must also inform us if you have undergone any form of laser eye surgery.

Please also obtain a printout of your GP summary medical history (Not the patient access version). You can make a written GDPR request to obtain this from your GP and should not be charged by your GP practice. This report should contain dates of any significant medical diagnoses and current medication if applicable. It is important that you divulge and disclose your complete past medical history as well as any medical issues you may have at present. Please bring any historical medical reports with you to the medical examination.

How to obtain a UK license if i hold a non-UK medical certificate or license?
Please visit CAA’s website for Changing the state of license issue (SOLI)
Certificate issue

A medical certificate can normally be issued if all the required standards are met. However, if the required standards are not met or further investigations are necessary the issue of the certificate will take longer and may subsequently be declined by the CAA or the EASA Member state/National Authority.

Validity period

A Class 1 medical certificate is valid for 12 months, unless you are 40 or over and carry out single pilot commercial air transport operations carrying passengers; or you are over 60. In both these cases, the validity is reduced to 6 months.

Additional medical reference information can be found at:
CAA Medical Standards and Guidance and CAA Guidance following eye surgery.
Please remember to register on the CAA's online portal, complete the application online and pay the CAA fee.