For CASA (Australia), Dr Samir Alvi can perform all classes of medical. Dr Adrian Chorley is also able to provide CASA optometry examinations for initial examinations.

Prior to attending for your medical, please create an account with: CASA. CASA will then email you login details so that you can complete your application online before you attend for your medical examination.

Further information about CASA Medicals you can find atCasa Logo

Book an appointment

To book all appointments at a time convenient for you, please e-mail us on, alternatively call us on (+44)(0)20 8528 2633
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Instructions before your exam

  • Please note that there is limited seating in our reception area so any friends/relatives that accompany you will need to wait in your car or in the other local facilities.
  • Ground floor disabled access is available, however there are unfortunately no disabled WC facilities on site, please let us know if you have a disability for which you may require any adjustments prior to attending your appointment.
  • You may also require other medical tests or to see a specialist consultant advisors at a later date if you have any underlying medical problems or if anything is found at the time of the examination that requires further investigation. A separate £95.14 referral administration charge is payable in this event as well as the consultants fee.


What happens if I arrive late for my exams?

We have a 15-minute late arrival policy, failure to attend the appointment in this time will result in re-booking and full medical charge. Please budget to remain on site for up to 4 hours.

Can I eat or drink before the exams?

You are encouraged to drink water prior to the medical examination as a urine sample is required however, please avoid drinking caffeine before the medical.

Mandatory drug testing has also been introduced by the CAA. Regarding the drug screen and breathalyser tests performed onsite -no food/drink or cigarettes should be consumed for 20 minutes before the test and nothing should remain in your mouth at the time of these tests.

Is my medical history required?

When you attend, please also provide your current eye prescription if you wear glasses or contact lenses, and bring your corrective lenses with you. You must also inform us if you have undergone any form of laser eye surgery.

Please also obtain a printout of your GP summary medical history (Not the patient access version). You can make a written GDPR request to obtain this from your GP and should not be charged by your GP practice. This report should contain dates of any significant medical diagnoses and current medication if applicable. It is important that you divulge and disclose your complete past medical history as well as any medical issues you may have at present. Please bring any historical medical reports with you to the medical examination.