Return to Work Medicals

Following an industrial accident or sickness absence, an appropriate review is mandatory to help ensure an individual is fit and safe to return to work.

A review will confirm an individual’s fitness for work and clarify any restrictions or recuperative duties required.

With the introduction of the revised sick note certification in April 2010 this has become even more important as General Practitioners can now recommend restricted and amended duties. It is therefore incumbent on employers to obtain professional advice in this regard. Occupational Health professionals are often best placed to provide this service.

Sickness absence that is effectively managed by appropriately and safely re-introducing your employees back into the workplace can benefit your business from both a financial and productivity perspective. Advice may be also be necessary on how to manage the ‘return to work’ of your employees by gradually increasing their working hours over several weeks with a follow up reviews, if required.

Professional advice can also be provided regarding the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) on work-place adjustments that could be made to accommodate an employee to whom the DDA may apply.

Following a ‘return to work’, regular occupational health monitoring of the employee in the workplace with the support of the employer will help facilitate this process.

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