Book your Covid tests now for Christmas travel

Covid Tests For Christmas Travel

With only a few weeks until Christmas, if you are planning on travelling outside of the UK over the festive season, remember to check the latest advice and book in for any necessary Covid tests so it’s one less thing to worry about. Based on the latest government guidance, here are some tips on what to do when travelling outside the UK, or returning to the UK over Christmas: 

Check travel advice 

Wherever you are flying this Christmas, it is important that you check the foreign travel advice in advance of your trip. This will tell you whether people from the UK are allowed to enter and if so, what proof of vaccination and/or negative Covid test will be needed. Government guidance will also tell you whether a country is on the red list, meaning that you can only enter the UK from these places if you are a UK or Irish resident and you must quarantine and get 2 Covid tests.  

You may need to download the NHS COVID Pass to prove your vaccination status so please make sure you visit the website for the latest advice and information ahead of your trip. 

Book your Covid tests 

Once you know the requirements for the country you are travelling to and the return requirements, you can book in for any necessary PCR tests. It’s important to check our website beforehand to find out what the lead times are for the type of test you require so you can make sure you get your results in plenty of time before you need to fly.   

Please note that you may not be able to use a NHS test to prove your negative Covid status when travelling abroad, instead you will need to use a private test provider such as Heathrow Medical. 

Check what you need to do when you return to the UK 

Depending on where you have travelled to, what part of the UK you are returning to and whether you have been partially or fully vaccinated, you may need to: 

  • Take a Covid test before you fly home 
  • Take a day 2 and additional Covid tests after you have arrived back in the UK 
  • Quarantine when you return home 

If you need to take a test after you have returned to the UK then we can offer on-site testing for incoming travellers to the UK.  

Whatever the requirements, we have the Covid testing facilities to help you travel with ease this Christmas. Please e-mail us here if you have any questions about Covid tests for travel.  

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