Is your EASA Class 1 renewal medical due?

EASA class 1 renewal medical

As a commercial pilot you will be required to undergo initial and ongoing medicals to ensure you are at a satisfactory level of health and fitness to do your job properly.  Medical certificates need to be revalidated on an annual basis so if your EASA Class 1 renewal medical is due, here is some more information on what to expect and when to book. 

What is an EASA Class 1 renewal medical? 

An EASA Class 1 medical renewal is a medical that commercial pilots require in order to keep doing their job. If you are under 40 you will need to renew your certificate every year, but if you are over 40 and carry out single pilot commercial flights with passengers or are over the age of 60, you’ll need to undergo a medical every 6 months. 

You can either revalidate your certificate up to 45 days before your current certificate expires, or if it has reached or surpassed the expiry date you will need to have it renewed. 

What to expect from class 1 medical renewal tests 

Generally speaking, an EASA medical renewal should take less time than your initial pilot medical, as there will be less issues to check for and the medical background information will all be the same. However, this does depend on your age at the time of the examination and how long it has been since your last medical. 

You will still be subject to tests to check the functionality of your heart, lungs, limbs, stomach and nervous system, as well as undergoing tests to ensure your vision and hearing remain within the acceptable limits. 

EASA Class 1 medical renewal cost 

In general, your class 1 medical renewal will be cheaper than your initial medical as there will be less tests involved. 

At Heathrow Medical our EASA Class 1 Medical renewal costs £186 + VAT – with additional charges if an ECG or audiogram are required. 

Booking your renewal medical 

In order for your medical to be valid it needs to be carried out at an approved Aeromedical Centre (AeMC) such as Heathrow Medical.  

You can contact us on 020 8528 2633 or click here to get in touch about booking your EASA Class 1 medical renewal. 


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